8 Exciting and Educational Activities for Toddlers

8 Exciting and Educational Activities for Toddlers

It is essential for kids of ages one to three to be exposed to fun-filled learning games and activities. After all, kids of these ages mostly learn new stuff through playing and participating in activities.  Also, time after time you will find yourself needing to come up with inventive ideas to keep them busy.

Get the toddlers started with these fun and educational games and activities.

  • “Odd One Out” Puzzles

Puzzles are entertaining and at the same time, challenging. You can choose from a wide selection of printable puzzles online or you could find these in local bookstores. Give your child some time to observe the puzzle and then ask him which is the odd one out.

  • Nursery Rhyme Games

Singing nursery rhymes is one of the most classic ways of teaching young kids. Nursery rhymes are fun to sing and easy to learn. You can also begin to introduce storytelling through singing these.

  • Scavenger Hunt Game

Send your child looking for items around the house. You may describe items to look for. Give the kid rewards for every item found. This will surely be a worthwhile activity.  

  • Color Matching Games

You may use some props for these color matching games or you can just take a stroll in the park and make them look for things per color. This a great start in building a child’s color skills.

  • Sandbox Play

Kids learn social skills and practical skills during sandbox play. Let the kids explore, mold and build on the sand. Kids can improve coordination in their hands which is good exercise for writing. The young ones can also develop teamwork as they build things.  

  • Toy Telephones

Children can learn language skills by trying to mimic adults while talking on the telephone. Playing with toy telephones also improves their social skills as they are able to learn how to engage in conversation on the phone.

  • Shadow Play

Shadows can be quite a mystery to young children. Putting up a shadow play can enlighten them about shadows. Grab a flashlight and create your own shadows. Form some animal shadows while you’re at it.

  • Playdates

It is highly important to learn how to socialize at a young age. It would help them develop their self-esteem and ability to interact and communicate with others. It is recommended to let toddlers play with other kids of the same age group. Enrolling them in a preschool or daycare center can certainly help.

There are many engaging learning games and activities that your child will enjoy. As parents, we should constantly be open in trying out the right activities for our children to indulge in.  

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