DIY Busy Board for Babies and Toddlers

DIY Busy Board for Babies and Toddlers

A sensory board or busy board is an exciting hands-on activity for babies and toddlers. It enables them to touch and explore about different objects in just one place. They would totally enjoy this so having a customized busy board is an excellent idea.

Before building one, make sure that it serves its functions to:

  • Provide sensory experiences that are vital for the young child’s early brain development
  • Encourage curiosity and investigative skills.
  • Develop preferences of which textures to like and dislike
  • Learn words as you describe how they feel when they touch things.

Example of Materials:

  • Cotton
  • Different types of cloth
  • Buttons
  • Gears
  • Craft items (googly eyes, colorful ribbons, etc.)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Seashells

Make sure that the babies and toddlers are supervised at all times when they play with their busy boards as these materials may come loose from the board.

Other tools and supplies you’ll need:

  • Round wood table top
  • Drill
  • Bolts and screws
  • Felt pad
  • Adhesives (Painter’s Tape)
  • Paint

Step # 1

Get your board (round wood table top) and position all the sensory materials you have prepared. Mark their positions and the mounting holes for each piece.

You don’t have to be too systematic in doing this. Just put on random things of different colors, textures and shapes.

Step # 2

Do the initial drilling when you have finished marking.

Step # 3

Paint the board with enticing colors for the babies and toddlers. You may use tapes while painting to add other colors. Select the best combination of colors for it to be more attractive to the young ones.

Step #4

Attach the materials you have prepared. This is the most critical step. Make sure that these materials are securely fixed to the board.

You may want to use really good adhesives. Babies and toddlers usually swallow whatever they have in their hands so be extra careful in this step.

Step # 5

And there you go, you have your own busy board specially made for your child! This is the best step. Test how effective your busy board is by letting the baby or the toddler explore it.

This project is a really fun way to help develop fine motor skills in babies and toddlers. It would be worth trying!


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