DIY Chalkboard Ideas to Stay Organized

DIY Chalkboard Ideas to Stay Organized

Thinking about redesigning and reorganizing your space? One trendy way is by putting up chalkboards around. Chalkboards are inexpensive and very easy to make. (Check this out to guide you on how to make chalkboards.)

Keep scrolling below if you want to know more about how you can organize and at the same time decorate your home or workplace using chalkboards.

  1. Chalkboard Menu

Have you ever tried planning for your menu? Menu planning saves you time and money. It also promotes healthy living because you can opt for a more balanced diet.

Make your menu planning more creative and enticing by using a chalkboard. You may decorate the chalkboard with a stylish frame of your liking. Try it! This will hype the whole family for the week’s menu.

  1. Chalkboard Calendar

Every now and then, dates, events, and deadlines keep on piling up. Staying organized is important to be on top of all of these. An easy and inexpensive solution to this is by putting up a chalkboard calendar or memo board. You’ll be able to plan your schedules, keep track of deadlines, inform your family about your schedule and most importantly ease anxiety in just a glance.

  1. Chalkboard Labels

Using chalkboards to label household items is a fun way of getting organized. The good thing with it is you can easily change the labels when needed. You can basically put labels on everything like:

  • Food canisters
  • Jars
  • Storage bins
  • Drawers and cabinets
  • Pots

Aside from being able to tidy up and organize your stuff, it also adds aesthetic value to your space.

  1. Chalkboard Garden Markers

Do you have a green thumb? If you have a mini garden indoors, you may use chalkboards as plant markers. These are very simple and fun to make. Keep an eye on your perennial and shrub plantings with this chalkboard idea.

Got the chalkboard idea that you need? Trying out these clever ideas may actually help if you are having problems organizing your life. Have fun!

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