Guide on Making Your Own Meditation Room

Guide on Making Your Own Meditation Room

There are times when we just have to take a break and escape from all the noise and stress of our everyday lives.  Having a private place to relax, release the negative energy and recharge the body, mind and soul is one great way to do that. How does having a good meditation room sounds to you?

A meditation room will enable you to communicate with your spiritual self. It doesn’t have to be big, fully-furnished and designed to serve a single purpose. It could be anywhere in your home as long as it gives you calm and happy feeling.

You can use these steps as a guide in creating your own meditation room.

  1. Find the perfect space.

Assign a place that doesn’t remind you of work or any part of your daily hustle. Make sure that it has proper lighting and good ventilation. You can select a room or a space facing the sun for an instance. This will help set your mood right.

You might also want to consider an outdoor space like your garden or your patio. Choose the right spot that can give you the relaxation that you need.

  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Once you find the best place to meditate, free it from distractions. De-clutter your space. Put away everything that won’t help you meditate.

A good way to start cleaning the space is by emptying it first. With an empty room, you’ll be able to decide on the few things to put in it.

  1. Make it appealing to the five senses.

Make your meditation experience better by making your space appeal to all your senses.

  • Sight: You may bring some relaxing elements of nature like a flower vase, a small tree, or a mini-fountain. Get some ornaments to make your space look peaceful and serene.
  • Smell: Adding in aromatic oils or candles can improve your focus to meditate. Aromatherapy is key to help you relax and stimulate brain functions.
  • Sound: Find the most soothing playlist. One good recommendation is to pick a playlist of songs without lyrics. During your meditation, have your choice of music played quietly in the background.
  • Touch: You may also want some stress balls around. Or you can have pillows to give you more comfort.
  • Taste: Having a relaxing tea can prep your body for meditation.
  1. Customize it and make it more personal.

You are free to add whatever you want in this space because after all, it is your space. Be creative and follow your heart. Display some artworks or decors of your choice. Your meditation room should make you feel at ease.

Creating your own meditation room shouldn’t be stressful. Feel free to do whatever you like with your space. You must enjoy putting up the place to find the peace that you need.

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